Content & Catalog management/Optimization

What is it

Content and catalogue management is the process of arrangement of products, changing design an information of the product on your ecommerce platform. In other words, it enables client to control the content of the website. A flexibility of changing product information within a centralized catalog to provide consistently accurate information in a cost-effective manner is crucial in the ecommerce industry.

The importance of content and catalogue management can be reviewed from many angles, for example:

Depending on your stock levels, priority of what products to sell may differ. When managing the catalogue effectively, clients must be able to display the overstock product on the ‘hot’ areas of the website, boosting the sale of this product.

Chinese ecommerce market is changing on a daily basis. If the content of the website can not be as flexible as your marketing campaigns, the shop will struggle to follow the competition.

-Web analysis – trends and keywords
Even if you know the market trends and ‘hot’ keywords precisely, it may not help to boost your sales if you can not effectively arrange products on the front page of your website or to add these keywords in their description.

If product returns happen, why would you ship it back to UK? The effective management of your catalogue can help you to sell this product to the other customer immediately.

-Issues with product
If Customer service reports a problem with one of the products listed, such as wrong description, product description can be changed as quickly and easily.

What can we offer

Asia Ecommerce offers specialist content management and strategies to help clients manage their catalogues. This means their ecommerce business not only runs effectively, but also clients’ home operations will see a reduction in costs. Learn more.