Web Analysis and Optimisation

Web analysis and Optimisation are used in conjunction with one another. First the Web analysis takes place to try and help establish the health of the market at a specific moment in time, then the optimization takes place to try and bring the business in to line with the analysis, and to work out where other businesses are exceling in comparison. Our extensive data gathering tools allows us to collect all the required information for analysis. This includes:

Individual product data

Product information
Product trading data

Industry analysis

General industry analysis
Brand analysis
Attributes analysis

Shop performance

Real-time customer visits
Marketing effects
General sales analysis
Shop operation analysis
Analysis of priority listing/listing adverts performance
Analysis of shop decorating
Analysis of traffic sources
After the data is gathered, it is processed by data analysts, who provide us with all the required reports to make the right decision. It allows the clients business to always be at the front of the market, it means the clients business can be quicker to react to certain trends, fashions and competitors and also increases the effectiveness of marketing strategies.Learn more.