External marketing

What is External Marketing

External marketing focuses on marketing outside of a specific ecommerce platform. in Asia ecommerce we focus on 2 types of external marketing:

-Social Media Marketing
-Search Engine Optimisation

Social media marketing

Social media marketing enables clients to create brand fan pages on Chinese Social media websites such as QQ, Douban, Wechat and Weibo. Periodically updating these pages with new product information and promotions will help the client to improve their brand awareness in the Chinese market and, eventually, accumulate customer loyalty. This may work in conjunction with v-bloggers who will post the clients news on mature fan pages with considerable auditory. Social media marketing updates should also take into consideration the SEO strategy you follow.

Search Engine Optimisation

When conducting market research, it is important to find which search engine keywords are connected to the pre-determined target market. Search Engine Optimisation enables your webpage to come in the top search results for these specific keywords. One should take in account that SEO should have some specific keywords that should be emphasised on, so SMM and SEO will be interrelated, providing a better outcome than when conducted separately.

What are the reasons to do it

External marketing enables large amounts of coverage to be achieved within a short period of time at a relatively low cost.

What we can offer

Asia Ecommerce works with a wide range of marketing partners based in Asia, this means that Asia Ecommerce is able to offer any client a marketing strategy which will best fit their products and have maximum coverage. Asia Ecommerce is also able to link External Marketing campaigns with Internal Marketing campaigns offering an effective dual approach to marketing. Learn more.

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