Tmall internal marketing

What is Internal Marketing

Internal Marketing is using marketing tools already existing within Tmall platform. Most of these marketing focus on 3 main areas:

-Promoting your product
-Promoting your shop
-Promoting your product line

Why Internal Marketing is important

The reason there are so many different kinds of marketing avenues within Taobao and Tmall is due to different scales of the companies on the platforms. Competition is high due to the market size (760 million listings last year) and the ability for companies to reach such a large amount of customers. To mitigate this many different marketing tools were implemented, which if used correctly can be extremely successful, but if not utilised properly can be a drain on a companies resources.

What can we offer

Asia Ecommerce builds a marketing strategy that will work best for each individual client, based on the budget set by our client. This means different marketing tools can be implemented in order to reach the maximum ROI. Learn more.

In order to review the performance of the internal marketing we will constantly analyze traffic sources, product promotion performance and banner advert performance and carry out optimization accordingly. Learn more.

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