Customer service

Customer service is not only the process of answering questions and helping with customer complaints and returns, but is also the method of gathering information on how the company is perceived and how well it is operating.

Why do you need customer service

Customer service is the only place ecommerce customers come in contact with the business, so it is vital that it is ran effectively and to a high standard. Customer care becomes increasingly more important when you move to the Chinese market due to 70% of retail/ecommerce sales being assisted sales. customer service plays a key role in the creation and retention of customers and it means all that marketing expenditure is utilised. By having a customer service representative available to answer questions put forward by the customer it enables the store to gain valuable feedback about the products as well as about how the business is being perceived by the customers. However setting up and establishing a customer service department in another country can be problematic for a number of reasons such as language barriers and also cultural differences; which can lead to differences in Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) due to standard practice and return policy laws.

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What can we offer

Asia ecommerce enables a way to operate a customer service operation in China mainland from the UK. The customer service team will be briefed on the clients customer service SOPs and then modify or create brand new SOPs for the Chinese local market, offering a dynamic and effective way to carry out cross-border customer service.