Service item 1)

Market research

We carry out market research functions which enables you to know what goods to offer, potential profit margins that could be achieved, and suggested selling prices of products.

The following factors can dictate the product listings:

1) Scarcity, i.e. goods not currently widely available in China.

2) Quality, i.e. goods of higher quality than substitutes available in China

3) Price advantage, i.e. if the product is available in China, the client must be able to offer it at a lower price inclusive of international shipping.

Suggested selling price can be informed by the following methods:

4) Cost-oriented pricing, use the product cost as the basis for pricing method.

5) Demand-based pricing, use the strength of market demand as the basis for pricing.

6) Competitor-guide pricing, pricing is based on a competitor's price.

7) Temporal pricing, price appropriate to seasonality.

Training and consultancy to client

We offer training to our clients so they know all that is necessary to help them understand and run a Chinese ecommerce business.

1) Identify the correct platform (Magento, Tmall)

2) Design a supply chain – Map the warehousing, dispatch, transportation, and customer return routes for the products offered.

3) Map order processing route, including flow of information, finance, and goods.

4) Introduction to the operating procedures, local law and regulation, ecommerce taxation etc.

5) Training will be carried out from our expert webinar leaders.

6) Client support is given at all phases.

This item is included in Standard Service: Full Comprehensive, Setup Online Store, Setup+ Operation+ Logistics, and Setup+ Pure marketing

Management of online store licensing and registration..


Front-end shop decoration, UI, and UX design..


Keyword optimisation and translation of product information..


Chinese language customer support (Call center)..


Integration of payment processing, security certificates, trust symbols..


Tmall order handling system and client order management system..


Daily order processing, fulfilment, and logistics..


Return on investment (ROI) optimization based on budget..


Regular renewal of shop decoration and campaign design..


Management of websites backend content and catalogue..


Ecommerce data mining and analysis, including sales..