We know that you are going to expand business globally. Why not see how we can help you in the Asia market?

What we do

The Chinese Ecommerce market has been growing rapidly for the past ten years, now more than ever are Western businesses looking towards the East. Since 2009 Chinese e-commerce sales have more than tripled in size, China is now the largest online market in the world and this growth is set to continue till at least 2018.
Asia Ecommerce is able to offer a variety of services to help the clients’ business move forward into the Chinese market. We have outlined all the different functions that we carry out on a day to day basis to help our clients’ ecommerce business to operate. All operations can be implemented together or individually so that each client can customise their service package to best suit their business requirements.
Our business partners work with us to help the clients company develop and grow. We offer in- conjunction with our partners both air and sea freight forwarding, on both international and UK domestic freight.
We have already used our advanced market analysis techniques to place our clients at optimum online locations, but it does not end there. Advanced macro and micro data analysis techniques provide a continual stream of insight specific to our clients’ operations, and the wider Asia ecommerce market – these aids help in decision making and can mean a serious boost in sales performance.

Our delivery partner

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Asia Ecommerce specializes in the provision of eCommerce, international trade, and logistical services. Its strong research and development background, coupled with its extensive experience and expertise in the logistics and information sectors makes Asia Ecommerce one of the most useful tools to launching UK companies on to Asian Markets.

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