Ecommerce gateways

The Chinese Ecommerce market has been growing rapidly for the past ten years, now more than ever are Western businesses looking towards the East. Since 2009 Chinese e-commerce sales have more than tripled in size, China is now the largest online market in the world and this growth is set to continue till at least 2018. This increase in spending has been spurred on by the demand for high quality western goods that are not available in the Chinese domestic market.

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Brands, retailers and distributors take advantage of our extensive consultancy services in the eCommerce sector:

Asia Ecommerce provides brands, distributors, and retailers with world class e-commerce and logistics guidance that has proven capabilities to not only enhance sales but also to reduce the cost of our clients’ operations. Utilizing years of experience and expertise in logistics and e-commerce, Asia Ecommerce can optimize the core operations of your business, including web and physical based activities. Our vast knowledge banks and information systems mean our clients can depend on us to elevate them above the competition.


We offer consulting on a range of issues for businesses already trading to China or are thinking about it in the future. Asia Ecommerce’s consulting service enables clients to gain some knowledge on what to expect and also advice on how to resolve any existing problems. Learn more.

Market Research

Market research enables clients to approach China with the information they need to be successful, by carrying out Big Data analysis of the Chinese local market and where the clients’ goods sit within it. Asia Ecommerce is able to supply realistic sales projections so the client always knows what to expect. Learn more.


Tmall is the biggest B2C platform within China accounting for over 50% of the online market. Tmall has built its reputation on high quality authentic goods. Tmall Global is Tmall’s latest addition to the franchise. Tmall Global enables non-Chinese local companies to sell directly to the Chinese market, this has been hugely successful and has seen constant growth since its launch. Now more than ever is the perfect time to move in to the Chinese market and Tmall is one of the best routes to make it happen. Learn more

Online Ecommerce Shop

Moving in to the Chinese market can be spearheaded with an online standalone Magento shop. This shop can then be promoted on a variety of platforms and social media sites, enabling a lower risk avenue for smaller business to gain access to the Chinese market or be used in conjunction with a Tmall store. Learn more