China webshop development

Why a Chinese standalone Ecommerce Shop (Magento)?

Asia Ecommerce was setup in order to help UK businesses reach the Asian Market. We appreciate that moving straight to an Online Platforms such as Tmall can put a lot of operational as well as economic pressure on to a business, this coupled with the problems associated with Language and also logistics can be daunting, this is why we offer another way. We offer the creation of a standalone Chinese Web store (Magento). This web store will have a complete front end and back end support, along with complete management of all logistical operations from route planning to the production of shipping documentation, this is then coupled with a warehouse management system which links up both the Chinese web store and the UK warehouse, meaning the client is able to control stock levels of both the Chinese and the UK domestic business simultaneously. The web store is also able to act as a base for the client when wanting to move on to other Chinese market place platforms. At Asia Ecommerce we are able to offer a full ecommerce solution, from the basic set up to complete management of the stores operations.

Website Design and set up

We take care of all front-end shop decoration and design according to the clients’ needs, while also dealing with the set up and hosting of their Chinese website. We also offer state of the art 3D photograph technology which can be used for the whole catalogue or specific items. We deal with the back end registration of Alipay for the client, filing and filling in all necessary paper work so the client can focus on their UK business, while we will take care of the rest. Learn more


Each marketing campaign is specifically designed for each client depending on the needs and aims of the campaign they have while also taking in to consideration the budget available. As with any marketing campaign the marketing needs to target the right customers. We help to provide a marketing plan within the Chinese market supplied by our partners to help situate the client's products to optimize the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. Learn more.

Logistical route configuration and management

Logistical route configuration gives the client the ability to ship to their customers in a reliable and fast manner, it also deals with any return items and the process of reselling the goods locally in China or shipping back to the UK. Learn more.

Warehouse Management

Our Warehouse Management System enables the client to manage their stock levels for the Chinese market, without disturbing the clients UK operations. The client will also have complete control over their stock and be able to monitor it at all times. This system can enable the client to store a bulk amount of product at a third party warehouse which will be picked and packed by them when the orders are created, meaning the client can have as little or as much control over the picking and packing process as they require. Learn more.

Customer Service

Customer service is key to any business’s success, we enable the client to have their own Chinese local based customer support operative(s) who deal with any customer service issues that arise in real time. This means the client does not have to deal with any Chinese customer’s problems, which eliminates the issues bought up by language and a difference of SOPs. Learn more.

Data analysis and sales performance optimisation

Data analysis is carried out within the Chinese domestic market to help give the client data and, therefore, an understanding of the demand for their products in the Chinese ecommerce market. Data analysis can be an ongoing operation, which will enable the client to see the trends in demand and an appropriate pricing strategy. Data analysis can also act as market research to gauge the market before the client decides to go ahead with the project. For example, the intial report enables us to advise the client on existing businesses already operating in the area and what kind of sales are being achieved according to different pricing strategies. The information compiled in the initial report can help us work with the client to make realistic and controlled growth projection. Learn more.

All the services are available on their own or in conjunction with any other services offered.