Market Research

At Asia Ecommerce we look at Market research as the key to opening the Chinese market. We employ professional data analysts to work out the changing trends in the markets, as well as helping to identify upcoming demands. The reasons market research is vital when looking to Asian markets is because how much they differ from Western markets. It is a common assumption that a brands target market will be the same in both economic areas (West/East), but due to basic cultural differences this is not the case. For instance a product that can be consumed or used in public is likely to fetch a much higher price than those products consumed at home due to conspicuous consumption.

At Asia Ecommerce we appreciate that the future of your company may depend on this decision. That’s why we will be unbiased when making the initial market research. The fact that we will be using quantitative analysis will give our clients the ability to make informed decisions purely on the reports and the data provided.

We hope this will enable our clients to reach whole new levels and markets which they had not realised before, and manage their businesses how they see it. Learn more

• We provide comparative analysis of various markets, identifying the most lucrative opportunities. These assessments will be formed around market accessibility and the probable competitiveness of your brand.

• A compilation of eCommerce audits and market entry reports will be available for the client, enabling them to make the right decision at every stage.

• The most appropriate form of online retailing will be evaluated, whether it be traditional, auction style, or demand collection based. We will determine the most advantageous marketing positions; as well pricing structures for our clients products.


Our Consultancy department can offer advice on all the issues you should be concerned of associated with trading to China. We offer consultation on all legal issues, tax and VAT implications, warehousing solutions as well as helping with all logistical and order management issues; whether that is the design and implementation of supply chains or configuration of order processing routes with return logistics. All our consultancy packages are carried out on a client by client basis, therefore each client will be given the most relevant information pertaining to their business.

After conducting the initial market research and choosing the selling platform that suits your needs, we encourage you to take a look at how the local market ‘ecosystem’ and the habits of the Chinese consumer work.