Alipay collects payment (RMB) from shoppers to BUY foreign currency, and will then remit the sum to the receiving bank account of the merchants. After collecting payment from the buyers account, Alipay will buy foreign currency in T + 1 day according to spot rate of the settlement bank.

Once the merchants turnover accumulates to 5000 USD (lower limit), the money will then be transferred in to the merchants receiving bank account. Settlement can be set up weekly, monthly or quarterly.

*At the moment Alipay will only convert CHN to USD, if another type of currency is used when purchasing no conversion is under taken and the currency remains unchanged.

**The maximum Alipay will accept for any one transaction is 5000 USD

Type of Fee How to Charge Fee Level
Set-up Fee One-off fee, No more annual fees and guaranteed deposit:
1. To cover internal cost
2.To cover Foreign exchange
3. To cover remittance fee
1000 USD (This fee is not payable if purchasing a Tmall shop)
Transaction fee Charge on each transaction 3%
Remittance Fee Settlement by turnover: Settlement limit is a minimum of 5000 USD Alipay will pay the remittance fee for settlement banks. If there is any fee from intermediary bank and receiving bank, Alipay is not responsible.
Exchange rate Alipay would bear the exchange risk and cost None

Alipay application conditions:

-Overseas business license and Alipay application from
-Ensure the reality and validity of application materials
-Alipay will audit the application documentation

The interactive 3D photography aims to show your product off to potential customers with the best interactive experience possible. They take 108 unique views of your product to give full 360 rotations and tilt with the ability to zoom in from any angle.

The optimization of Chinese search engines is an important part when launching on to any platform within the Chinese market, it operates along the same lines as google add words to increase traffic and sales for ecommerce sites.

*Sites which are used at, Baidu, 360 and Sogou.

Below shows the popularity of each search engine.

fullscreen lightbox gallery

Baidu: 58.76%     360 Search: 25.41%     Sogou: 12.58%    
Google: 1.34%     Bing: 0.92%     Others: 0.99%    

Types of Marketing Action
Brand Advertising Instead of promoting individual products, the whole or multiple products can be advertised.
Diamond Both Diamond Booth is a marketing service that allows a specific product to be featured higher up the search list when a specific term or word is search.
Taobao Train A precise promotion service that uses keyword bidding that charges according to clicks.
Taobao Passenger Taobao Passenger is a marketing technique that allows the ‘passenger’ to promote a certain product for a pre-agreed % of the sale price as a commission.